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  • The Gear Thread: Guitars, Amps, Effects discussionDateFri Jan 22, 2016 8:45 am

    Welcome Stratocaster1 you will enjoy it here for sure the forum has a lot of dedicated people.

  • Does Anyone Play Rhythm? Your Chord Repertoire?DateFri Jan 22, 2016 8:04 am

    Quote: aethermachine wrote in post #3
    Lately I've been looking at how Dave Matthews plays, and good god, he plays some monster voicings. I know a lot of people think its cool to hate on Dave Matthews, and I suppose I can take most things in stride since music subjective, but listening to the first few albums again after a long break, the guitar work on there is complex. The reason being he composed his songs to include the entire arrangement of the band, not just writing "guitar" parts, and this makes a lot of sense when looking at the chords he chooses to play. He stated that whether you played the song solo, or with the entire band, the song would be unmistakably the same song.

    As far as Jazz goes I'm looking into Charlie Parker's Now's The Time and also Billy's Bounce.

    Dave Matthews is a very good musician tgether with his bandmates dont forget Tim Reynolds who is playing guitar in his band. nThe did some concerts together just the 2 of them and that is really complec too. Tim is a ghreat great acoustic guitarist. I cant uynderstand people hate their music. Teir music is by heart and lyrics are wonderfull.

  • Dont give up!DateFri Jan 22, 2016 7:59 am
    Forum post by Ray1981. Topic: Dont give up!

    I never got negativer troll responses here true. These kind of assholes shoul;d be banned from the forums for ever. They confuse people.

  • Buy Complete Theory 101 video lessons?DateFri Jan 22, 2016 7:50 am

    Wow ok i did not know that Pebber im sorry!

  • Buy Complete Theory 101 video lessons?DateSat Jan 02, 2016 3:23 am

    Hey Flinty

    Welcome to the forum, I dont think you can buy all the videos in one time. But what you could do is take a subscription and tell Pebber that you are only interested in the Theory videos he will send you than only the theory lessons. It the theory lessons are a total of 29 videos if you take a subscription for 3 videos a month it would take you 10 months.

    I hope this answers you question

  • UKraine SpammersDateWed Dec 23, 2015 5:37 am
    Forum post by Ray1981. Topic: UKraine Spammers

    Great idea Pebber!!!

  • Chromatic Scale descendingDateWed Dec 23, 2015 3:28 am
    Forum post by Ray1981. Topic: Chromatic Scale descending

    Im ot sure if I undeerstand your question completely maybe a video of you showing what you would like to ask and demonstrating it with the guitar would help.

    Anyhow if you chromaticaly descent from 12 to 9 with finger 4 till 1 you should fret and hit first finger 4 on the 12 string than pull finger 4 to your palm and fret finger 3 on the 11th fret than hit it and so forth.

    As pebber said there a dozens of videos about this subject from Pebber makes search on youtube

    I hope will help

  • Waiting for Sir Pebber's replyDateWed Dec 23, 2015 3:18 am

    You can ask many many questions here on the forum there are several people who are willing to answer them and could give great advise. I dont beleive pebber is counting the amount of questions you ask but as he mentioned before he is pretty bussy during the school season.

  • WTH is going on with all the SPAM?DateMon Dec 14, 2015 7:47 am

    agree this is very anoying. deleting these profiles doesnt work I think because they make new profiles all the time.

  • Jazz Guitar BooksDateFri Oct 30, 2015 3:46 pm
    Forum post by Ray1981. Topic: Jazz Guitar Books

    Well its easier to have the pdf allready instead of making screenshots. That was the only reason I was searching for the pdf.

    My apologizes Adam!!!!!!

  • The Warm-Up Thread! (PB Forum Member Videos ONLY)DateFri Oct 30, 2015 3:38 pm

    Hi Adam,

    Maybe the word lick is was not the right word for that im very sorry for that. What I was trying to tell is that these chromatic steps could be used while playing. If you play the scale like I did in the video that doesnt sound musical at all IMHO. But if you use it once in a while specialy on the Tonic and Fith you get some nice musical "steps" or "walks" I dont know how to call it.

    Anyhow I will make a video tomorrow (at the moment Im studying Dick Grove theory ) And will try to show you what I was trying to say, If I can do that.

  • The Warm-Up Thread! (PB Forum Member Videos ONLY)DateFri Oct 30, 2015 11:47 am

    Quote: Adam wrote in post #6

    I was also wondering if you would be able to post a follow-up video to your "Chromatic Pent Exercises" that demonstrates how your exercise would fit in the key of A-minor. I noticed that you mentioned this in the video, so it would be really helpful if you could demonstrate by playing that over an A-minor backing track, perhaps. Just a thought, but I think it would be really cool, too!

    Adam Id be happy to try to make a video on this would you like to see it in this thread? I will try tonight or tomorrow to make a video on this. I learned this from my Skype teacher who give me Jazz lessons. He explains me that chromatic enclosers (as he calls it) is used a lot in Jazz. So he gave me this exercise. All the credits below to him :)

  • The Warm-Up Thread! (PB Forum Member Videos ONLY)DateFri Oct 30, 2015 11:41 am

    Thanks Will!

    I think this video suits also in this thread so I place it here to keep everything logic and comprehensive for newcomer who dont know what we are talking about now with the chromatic Pent exercise.

  • Jazz Guitar BooksDateFri Oct 30, 2015 11:36 am
    Forum post by Ray1981. Topic: Jazz Guitar Books

    Thanks Adam

    Great idea, I was aware of this possibility and thought I have to do it like that. Now I see you do this too sometimes maybe you like this freeware program called greenshot. You can select the area which you want to copy and you can choose with one click where you would like it to copy to. So you could send it straight to word for example. It is really a great program for such things.


    I hope I have helped you too ;)

  • The Warm-Up Thread! (PB Forum Member Videos ONLY)DateFri Oct 30, 2015 6:44 am

    I have a another one but I suck at this one hahah so im a bit affraid to record it and show it to everybody LOL

  • Jazz Guitar BooksDateFri Oct 30, 2015 6:33 am
    Forum post by Ray1981. Topic: Jazz Guitar Books

    Fully agree on you Adam!!!!

    Pirating kills the industry which result in less great music (or any other form of art), this is one of the reason why I still buy original albums instead of downloading.

    BTW, yesterday I bought the Practicing Ideas with the Real Book. I wanted it in PDF so I could print it for myself Kindle doesnt allow you to do. I like to have the sheet music on my stand instead of on a pc screen or Tables. But this book dont have a lot of musical example its a lot of text. But a very good book though.

  • The Warm-Up Thread! (PB Forum Member Videos ONLY)DateFri Oct 30, 2015 1:52 am

    Very cool Adam! I like your videos thumbs up for you

  • Music Theory: IntervalsDateFri Oct 30, 2015 1:51 am
    Forum post by Ray1981. Topic: Music Theory: Intervals

    Hey Fareli good to see you coming back

    Verry cool your comment seems like you get it, all those intervals. If your close to a piano or keyboard you should play those intervals. I mean play with the left hand the C and right hand Dmin. It is a wonderfull chord I dont know how they call it but it has a wonderfull sound.

  • Scalpel pickingDateWed Oct 28, 2015 5:22 pm
    Forum post by Ray1981. Topic: Scalpel picking

    Great video Muso7444

    This seems like good scalpel picking. Your thumb is clearly making the right movement and the rest of the arm doesnt move at all. This is how it should be as far my understanding goes. You also use a metronome and sometimes even me (I practice always with) forget to use it while posting (probably due to enthousiasm) a video so thumbs up for you!

    Keep up the good work

    Grtz Ray

  • Beginner! Questions on Online Subscription.DateWed Oct 28, 2015 4:24 pm

    Thats the way to go shotimac! If you keep practicing lke tatyou wllmak forsur some great improvement!

    Hope to see soon some video from you

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