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  • I know he's not leaving...I think that went over everyone's is very easy to get misunderstood here. Anyways I'm glad you don't want us to quit, you had mentioned it in some other threads so I really believed it. It gave me an excuse to give those quotes which are pretty fitting as we attempt to slay this six-stringed beast. I just think too many people quit because they think they can't be as good as Hendrix or their friend or their teacher and so on so I'm kinda sensitive to that. I'm also a teacher (not guitar) and I know a single wrong word can send a student into a panic and cause future problems. Anyways glad you're here to help us. Thanks.

  • Your job is done. Congrats. Good luck in your future endeavours. Thanks again for all your work at the forum. We'll miss you.

  • Yo Ursin PLEASE stop saying the world has too many guitarists. Or if we can't play a pentatonic scale we should sell our guitar and do something else.

    Here are a few quotes from STATE OF THE AXE by Ralph Gibson it's a book subtitled "Guitar masters in photographs and words."

    Here is Brandon Ross: "The guitar takes no prisoners. It's easy to play a little, relatively quickly after spending some time with it. The sucker punch is the realization that to get the most out of it requires a profound degree of commitment, enthusiasm, patience and repetition...not unlike much else worth doing in life."

    Here is Andy Summers: "Being a guitarist can be like inhabiting a Kafka novel, with strings, frets, chords and notes alluding to a presence that, if not returned to and kept in order, pulls you into the shadows. But sometimes the geometry of the guitar is a haven, a lucent oasis and you return to drink again."

    Pat Martino: "The guitar is an amazing container for the blessings that have been given."

    Bill Frisell: "I wish everyone played guitar."

    What I'm trying to say to you and everyone is it's a privilege and honour to play guitar and to have people like Pebber and you help us achieve a higher level is priceless. However we don't need to be told we're not good enough and we should quit. You have no right to do that, if we can't dedicate ouselves then we can decide for ourselves to stop. So Nick and anyone else don't quit, keep practicing, keep discovering you can do it. Keep the faith brothers (and sisters)!

  • Online Lessons Questions For People Taking ThemDateMon Dec 02, 2013 7:55 am

    Hey thanks for posting your vid. I know you wanted to hear how great you were but don't expect it here. As a beginner though I was impressed by your playing, you are good, definitely beyond beginner status. I sure can't do the scale as fast as that. That being said my opinion means shit. So listen to Pebber. Slow the fuck down. Work on your technique. You're good so keep at it. Good luck.

  • Callus CareDateTue Nov 19, 2013 5:54 pm
    Forum post by clashcityrocker. Topic: Callus Care

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the replies. I'm proud of my callus' and hope they stay with me!

  • Callus CareDateTue Nov 19, 2013 7:54 am

    Hey guys, doing PB's daily regiment so my fingertips are getting abused but my calluses are co-operating so everything is cool. However I've noticed a small divot appearing on one finger and also that the calluses are uneven. My question is how do take care of your calluses? Should you smooth them out with a file? Use cream or alcohol? Do nothing?


  • Excellent Videos on TechniqueDateWed Nov 13, 2013 4:19 pm

    Yeah I kinda knew the answer. But it's a privilege to be castigated by the great PB. Working on your spider exercises. I am a weakling. Back to practicing!

  • Excellent Videos on TechniqueDateTue Nov 12, 2013 11:26 am

    Sorry I know how to sit but sitting and playing guitar was my question.

  • Excellent Videos on TechniqueDateTue Nov 12, 2013 11:24 am

    Hey PB new member here discovered you through youtube and I am now a disciple.
    Anyways love everything you do and say. This video is very helpful but I practice standing up and she says to keep
    Your knuckles parallel but I am more at 45º. Is that ok or bad technique? Also should I practice sitting ? Thanks.

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