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  • Developing Concentration SkillsDateFri Apr 13, 2012 4:09 pm

    Everyone may have a different opinion of over the top. I suggest when you seek instant gratification with disregard of positive long term advancement. It can also lead to burn out, depression and physically injury. This could be over stimulation for the sake of accomplishing beyond repetitive practice or out playing the moment. Of course it works but the aftereffect can be unpredictable, only speaking from several repeated attempts and experience. We all learn from our mistakes of course too (at least I am attempting to stick to this better and better).

    Keep in mind on concentration,a professional musician brings home the bread and pay the bills, so one must seriously produce or find another profession. Also the fastest way is getting the best possible advise based on your goals from a top instructor. I have chosen Pebber for obvious reasons related to my specific situation and its helped me keep focused as such. I play as a hobby, do play live on regular basis, practice with a group weekly and practice daily as much as practical.

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  • Developing Concentration SkillsDateWed Apr 11, 2012 5:58 am


    What you may be experiencing is similar to many people. Speaking for my self, when I have to be accountable for my playing either at a group practice , getting ready for a public gig or accountable for an assignment to an instructor is when I am most focused. When I do not have a specific goal for a length of time I find what you describe to happen a lot. Self motivation, coffee and the will to succeed is alway good, however getting others into the picture where you feel accomplishment by contributing is alway helpful. This has been my experience. I alway remember the cramming for tests or work assignments, someone counting on me, alway extremely focused. Now the other point is being over the top which is another subject.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion.


  • Hand exerciser for guitarDateSun Apr 08, 2012 4:41 am
    Forum post by Stephen. Topic: Hand exerciser for guitar


    Totally agree!


  • Sir.

    Pebber has video on how he does his stuff which is exceptional using Adobe - In design and it comes with the Adobe Design Standard package. I have used it and once you have your templates set up its easy to modify to create other things.


    PS: I find it easier to use whatever Pebber has already created and mark it up , you could also take the downloads and input them into a program and mark them up if you want to spend the time there are a many programs which can be used to do this Adobe, Word etc..

  • Question about online lessonsDateSun Apr 08, 2012 4:27 am


    No questions hands down Pebber is the best and worth every penny period!


  • How to connect guitar to PC to use speakers?DateSun Apr 08, 2012 4:26 am


    I find using something that connects using a firewire is best, depending on your computer the USB devise can cause a delay. There is less delay if you use the firewire for both live and recording. Something like the Presonnus firebox can be gotten second hand on ebay and is a great interface, there are other similar.


  • Which stompbox?DateSun Apr 08, 2012 4:23 am
    Forum post by Stephen. Topic: Which stompbox?


    On the higher end is the AXE FX, this is the best I know of and use, its pricey and you need to buy either the stomp box which comes with it or others which work. The line 6 stuff is the poor mans version, but should be sufficient for live setting unless you require the professional equipment for recording. Since the technology is always changing and money is a object the Line 6 stuff is easier to change out on resale and front end costs. Some people indicate that going with something like the Roland VR system.


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