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  • Thanks for the chord triad sheet! I’m tuna study the triads and hopefully get to grips with the diminished and augmented shapes too. One good thing I discovered is that the augmented triad shapes are all the same because the intervals are symmetrical!

    I’m enjoying triads because I can use them right away into my playing where as with the scales I’m not really applying them musically yet!

    I’m finding this caged system way of viewing the fretboard extremely helpful and beneficial. It’s really demystifying the fretboard for me.

    I also checked out some videos of Guthrie govan! Hes got some really useful tips on his vids. Thanks for the heads up on that guy as I’ve never really seen any of his stuff

  • Thanks ! I’ve noticed most popular music utilises open position chords or 6th string movable e barre and 5th strong movable a shape barre. Most songs can be played using these shapes but I wanted to increase my fretboard knowledge and play around with different voicings and different caged chord shapes.

    For example red hot chilli peppers under the bridge intro utilises a d major chord but Frusciante uses the movable c shape instead of a more common barre for the d chord. This got me interested in using different voicings and chord shapes to play songs.

    Then this led me into the concept of been able to play the same chord progression but in different areas of the neck using different shapes which will hopefully yield alternative voicing options. I understand this is proabably a large study but I would really like to get comfortable comfortable with all the caged shapes (minor and major) I’m fairly comfortable with movable e and a shape barre chords all over the neck but I hav only just begun using triads and other movable barre hates and I have to say it’s really fun and it’s opening up the fretboard for me

  • Topic by Clark. Forum: PB Guitarstudio FORUMS

    Hi guys gotta question about diatonic chords!

    Can all 7 diatonic chords be played in all 12 keys at each position of the 5 position system???

    So is it possible to play the same song /progression at five different positions of the neck?????

    I come from plying the piano and understand theory. But it now applying it to fretboard and getting my bearings with it. I ask this because I’ve begun learning major scales and moveable chords in the 5 position system and trying to improve my fretboard knowledge

  • Question about picking exercisesDateSat Sep 07, 2019 12:42 pm

    Thanks for this I will try vary my practice with a blend of just string pick9ng, open chord picking and barre picking

  • Made some new videosDateFri Sep 06, 2019 2:43 am
    Forum post by Clark. Topic: Made some new videos

    Looks beautiful

  • Question about picking exercisesDateThu Sep 05, 2019 9:40 am
    Topic by Clark. Forum: PB Guitarstudio FORUMS

    Hi guys I’m pretty new to picking exercises but have a question about picking exercises

    When doing picking exercises could I also hold down a barre chord with my left hand and move around different chords to work on left hand chord grip????

    I noticed a lot of pebbers videos show some of the picking exercises done with open strings or an esus2. And I got to thinking it might be beneficial to practice picking whilst holding down barre chords ( to improve barre strength and kill 2 birds while practicing) however ima noob to picking exercises and I don’t feel qualified to make these kinda of judgements as I will try my best to follow pebbers methods. But wondered if holding barre birds whilst picking is ok for these exercises ???

    Or is picking open strings the best way for budding picking technique as the tensions on the strings alter when fretting and holding barre chords and ???????

    Forgive me if this seems a stupid question as I’m new to these woodshedding techniques. Any advise much a-prechiated

  • Made some new videosDateThu Sep 05, 2019 5:57 am
    Forum post by Clark. Topic: Made some new videos

    What kind of guitar is that? It looks well lush!

  • Thanks bro much appreciated

  • Topic by Clark. Forum: PB Guitarstudio FORUMS

    Hey guys I used to play some piano and when we used to do Melodic minor scales we would go up melodic and then come down descending natural minor . I hadn’t noticed this for guitar scales!

    Can anybody tell me why the scales are played ascending melodic and decsending natural minor on piano and on guitar why melodic is played the same ascending and descending???? Or am I totally wrong and we also ascend then descend natural minor on guitar as well??????

    Forgive me if I have totally misunderstood

  • Thanks I’m already at work on the 5 pos scales, and begun practicing pebber picking and left hand exercises. I will look into that video . Thanks again

  • Topic by Clark. Forum: PB Guitarstudio FORUMS

    Hey guys I'm more interested in chords and rhythm than lead and solo and wanted to know what are the best
    Exercises for drilling and practicing chords ?? Both open and barre chords????

    I realise some people may just say practice songs for this , which I do. But I wanted to know are there specific focused exercises to work on gettting chords perfect????? I want to master chords, chord changes and at different positions of the neck

    what do you guys suggest? Is there a routine can can hit all the main chords open and barres, major,minor,7th,Dom's,maj7and min7th at each position of the neck in all 12 keys????
    Should I use circle of 5ths??>

    Can all chords be played in every key at each position of the neck?????

    There is no shortage of scale exercises all over the net but I struggle to find anything specific for chords!!!!! Which surprised me becuse playing chords makes up a large element of playing music !!

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