Daily Practice - Module 1 - Part 1

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:15 pm
by Rob • 1 Post


First post here. I hope I'm not revisiting something that's already been asked. I searched "practice" and didn't see anything.

In watching your real time practice video and looking over the "PB Guitar Daily Practice Plan/Routine" sheet I had a question pop up.

I'm getting ahead of myself with this question I'm sure as I will be able to work for weeks and weeks on just the first exercise in Module 1... I don't expect to breeze through these, ASAP, but I am curious about the "big picture" I guess.

In looking at all the different divisions of each module, it becomes obvious to me that there is no way to practice each subsection of each module for an hour a day... so, as referenced in your other video (Daily Practice - Part 1)... say for example I have set aside 7 hours, for ease of discussion, I would divide that into 1 hour for each Module.

If I have 1 hour set aside to practice Module 1. Should I just concentrate on:

#1 - Picking exercises on each string

and stay at it for the whole hour, for as long as it takes (weeks/months/whatever) until as you said in your video "it clicks", and THEN move on to using my "Module 1 Time" for:

#2 - Picking exercises on ADJACENT strings... perhaps adding in a couple of minutes at the beginning for each previous exercise that has already "clicked"?

Or would it be more productive to split my "Module 1" hour up further and work on each one for x-minutes from the beginning?

From the sound of what you said in your real time video it seems like, in my mind it would be beneficial to go at the first one until it "clicks" and then move on... either revisiting the past exercises for a short amount of time at the beginning of your practice, before you move onto the new one you're concentrating on that week/weeks/month/etc. or pick a couple as you feel that "aspect" of your playing lagging back to do those at the beginning.

What about other modules? Some of the others, in my mind, have more complex learning ideas (Chording/Scales/Phrasing) that would take even longer to "click" vs. pure physical technique...

Thank you times 1,000,0000 for putting this stuff out there. I hope you didn't cover my question in another video that I happen to miss (or I happened to miss it in one of the two I referenced).

Thank you!

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RE: Daily Practice - Module 1 - Part 1

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Sat Oct 02, 2010 9:59 am
by pebberbrown • 926 Posts

Everyone has to decide what they suck at. If picking is weak then spend the most effort on that. That practice design was developed decades ago because I was searching for a method that I could use that covered ALL of the bases that was something that I could do every day and guarantee results. Nothing existed. I searched for years. Nothing. OK Oh well so I had to invent one. Once I did that I could set myself up to practice from each module and not feel like I was neglecting any aspect. The ultimate goal is to spend 100% of your efforts in Module 7 - tunes and repertoire. Thats where you work on MUSIC. BUT - everyone's technique ALL SUCKS badly so we need to spend a huge amount of time in development BEFORE you can afford to work on MUSIC full time. If everyone worked on their technique first then they would havea much smoother time when trying to play MUSIC. I used this method on my self for many years and one day over 30 years ago, I prsented it to students to help them organize. It was tested on lots of studenst and it really helps people "stay on track" for practicing. You modify anything on it however you like - if you think your chord ability SUCKS then the obvios answer is to work on picking for 10 min, scales for 10 min, etc. and then 40 min on chords until they suck less. Same can be said for ANY aspect - right now I spend most of my time (the last 5-6 years or so) working on sighhtreading. Ha ha it takes 5-6 years of that to not totally suck at it!!!!!

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