Jesse Ed Davis

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by David A Rose • 4 Posts

Hello, everyone, My name is David Rose this is my first post on the forum. I'm excited to be a subscriber to Pebber Brown's online videos lessons. I've seen Pebber Brown on youtube for a good while and like his teaching style and decided to sign up. I'm very pleased with the video lessons that Pebber Brown created. I ran across a video the Pebber Brown talking about Jesse Ed Davis. So I figure I share that Jesse Ed Davis was inducted in the 2018 Native American Music Awards Hall of Fame. I will post a video link below for anyone interested in seeing Jesse Ed David posthumously inducted into the Native American Music Award Hall of Fame.

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RE: Jesse Ed Davis

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by Adam • 172 Posts

WOW!! This is really good stuff, David.

Jesse Ed Davis was the real deal. Either he, or a friend of his, lived across the street from Pebber at one point, and Pebber got to know him. Jesse Ed Davis played with everybody, including B.B. King, Eric Clapton, and George Harrison!

It is so nice to see him get acknowledged like this. Thank you for sharing this with us, David!!

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RE: Jesse Ed Davis

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by pebberbrown • 926 Posts

In the 1960's I lived at 27 Hurricane Ave in Venice CA, and Jesse Ed lived across the street. BAck in the day those houses were very few and far between. On any given street from Anchorage to Zephyr ave. (Streets went north to south alphabetically, Anchorage, Buckaneer, Catmaran, Driftwood, Eastwind, Fleet, Galleon, Hurricane, Ironsides, Jib, Ketch, etc all the way down the alphabet with a weird alley way right after Quarterdeck st, that wasnt part of the scheme.... THERE THAT PROVES I LIVED THERE HA HA HA!!!!

As I said, the houses were spaced far apart from each other (the mega building and expansion of Marina del Rey had not occurred yet, (but it was on the horizon and coming on STRONG! real Estate developers were all freaking out and foaming at the mouth.) and the houses had like 2 VACANT LOTS between each of them - all SAND LOTS since they were at the beach. So my street ad a vacant lot on the corner, my house, a vacant lot then another vacant lot and then Speedway Ave (North South) then you were RIGHT ON THE BEACH. Across the street wa a vacant lot, THEN Jesse Ed's house nexto to it, THEN 2 vacant lots before Speedway and the beach.

So Hurricane ave only had about 3 houses on it until about 1967 when the gradual development of condos started to happen. I tell you all this because this only meant one thing - all of the ACTION on my street was over at Jesse Ed's house! I went over there EVERY DAY after school and always in the summer. So yeah he was my MAIN guitar man back back in the day (2x).

Here is a photo of Jesse Ed's album cover and you can see it was taken in the vacant lot next to his house! 2L-04768a.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

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