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  • How to improvise without thinking about scalesDateThu Mar 11, 2021 11:55 am
    Blog post by iskamdasamdobar

    So one thing I don't understand is how improvisation works ( on the guitar ). I mean I know the pentatonic scale and I can come up with random licks when listening to a backing track. But when it comes to a 7 note scale i am completely lost. I can't memorize all the patterns ( like on the pentatonic scale ) and therefore i cannot use it. So my question really is: what does it really mean to know a scale? Does it mean that you remembered all the patterns and you can visualize them all over the neck? Does it mean that you know all the notes on the fretboard and the ones in the scale? Do you have to think about the patterns constantly ( which btw I can't imagine and I don't think that's how scales should be approached )? How are there so many players that just don't think about a single shape on the neck and yet they are "magically" in key ?

  • How to identify my guitar playing problemsDateThu Oct 01, 2020 2:48 pm
    Blog post by iskamdasamdobar

    So I've been playing for about year and a half now. I've made some decent progress. However
    my progress got stuck. I realize that I have to make some kind of practice shedule but I don't
    know how. The way I see it is I have to identify my guitar playing problems and then pracitce
    exercises for fixing them. However I can't really do that. When I can't get something up to speed (by starting slow and then gradually speeding it up ) I realize that my technique is obviously wrong but I can't really tell what exactly am I not doing right.So if anyone has any suggestions about what should I do I'd be pretty happy to read them.

  • how to practice songs with the rythmDateTue Feb 25, 2020 10:23 am
    Blog post by iskamdasamdobar

    Hello. So lately i have been in a "band" and we have been playing acdc's "back in black". So we thought we were really doing it when one day a man came in the repetition room (probably tired and annoyed of hearing us play bad and off time) and he started explaining how we were doing everything wrong. Me and the other guitarist weren't listening to the drummer's tempo and obviosly the song wasn't played on time.So when I got home that night I wanted to practice the song again, but this time to actually practice is it with the rythm ( aka with the drums played on youtube ). But I still can't get it quite right and I've been raging at myself for messing up. I can't really keep a tempo with my foot taping the floor while playing the song. So if anyone has some kind of exercise or whatever for fixing this and for practicing songs with rythm please awnser the post. Thanks!

  • How long should I practiceDateThu Nov 28, 2019 9:56 am

    So I've been playing for almost a year now ( and by playing I mean knowing mainly some riffs and licks ). But I found about PB around a month ago. As I've been wanting to get good and play fast I realized that I need to practice. So the question was - " What should I practice?". When I found about Pebber and his 7 module practise shedule, I said to myself " this is it,man I know what to practice". So I decided that I will practice 4 hours a day. But here's the problem. I started wondering if I should do every exercise of each module every day, or should I practise different things from each module every day ( couse if I did each ecercise from each module every day than there's really small amount of time for each exercise ) . And my other question is - is my level high enough to practice all modules,or should I stick to the first and second module at first. For now I pracice 10 min down strokes, 10 min up strokes and 10 min alternate picking. Then I do the PIMA exercises ( or the adj and non adj strings exercises, I do one of these two every day ) and that's it for the right hand. So module 1 is done. Then I do the chromatic form all over the neck ( without picking, just making the shape all over the neck on all stings) and the spider exercises ( without and with picking ) for about 20 minutes. Then I do the triills for about 20 more minutes. So since half of module 1 and not even 1/4 of module 2 take me about 2 hours ( which is half of my time for the 7 modules) I don't know if I should get more time so I could practice everything for a solid amount of time, or should I just practice 2 3 things from each module every day ( so I have more time). An Answer would be greatly appreciated.

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