Been listening to John McLaughlin

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by jimiclaptoncarl • 117 Posts

Hey guys,

I've recently been listening to John McLaughlin a lot. And while I love his playing, I don't quite comprehend what's he's playing.. :(

I think this is because I'm not accustomed to hearing chromatic harmony and all the advanced techniques found in his playing.

So when I'm listening to something, on a more intellectual level than just enjoyment, what should I be listening for?

What do you "hear" when you listen to someone as advanced as McLaughlin?

If I can't really understand what he's playing does this mean I'm not ready to listen to him?

Have a listen to one of my favorite tracks of John playing one of Bill Evan's tunes. It's called "Very Early":


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RE: Been listening to John McLaughlin

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Tue Nov 02, 2010 4:59 pm
by FRaKh • 321 Posts

Voices......everywhere.....can you hear them???

They keep calling.....over and over and over.....the only thing to stop them is the two fingered TRILL on two different strings accompanied with sarod in a minor second interval!!!

Hit the 4 open strings every once in a while as well!!!!!

That freaks them out!

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