First lesson ?

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by acid • 1 Post


I would like to get suggestion on how to start off playing guitar. More specific what to learn . Most important thing to remember is that I have no musical background . I have a friend which lent me a guitar (acoustic). I Tried it out and it felt so good to play even simple chords (works like therapy for me) . So I asked him how to start off and he suggested to go straight to the chords . So I practiced basic open chords for a week or so . Of course I needed to return guitar after that. But I decided to continue to play. So I bought one for myself (electric). And I have discovered Pebber lessons and just wonder is it the right thing to start off with open chords ? Or somebody can suggest me something more useful ?

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RE: First lesson ?

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Thu Feb 19, 2015 3:59 pm
by musicalhair • 9 Posts

Your efforts should match your goals. That said, the videos on youtube of Pebber's where he's doing just picking for like an hour and a half, starting with two minutes each on the open strings, and the like hour long one on trills where you start of hammering on to strings one finger at a time, are what every guitarist should be doing. I got some warm ups from a guitar player magazine article written by Robert Fripp that I start off with, just placing the fingers on the strings and pressing them down evenly and slowly. The slur, ornament, and stretching book by Shearer was my bible for a long time, but I think Pebber's videos dovetail nicely with anything I learned or like should've been prerequisite for them.

What do you want to play I guess is the question.

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