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The PB version of the tune GoodBye Pork Pie Hat, wow, that is great, but I was given another version by Charlie Mingus' sideman: Larry Coryell, and it sounds superb to merge the two; as a collaborative improvisation we could call it 'Hello Again Young Lester'. I propose that some of the community here mix the two. I could not read many of the chords on the video, so perhaps someone has a diagrammatic sheet with the chords as an RTF doc. I can photocopy and send PB or someone else mine. I think it best to just keep it personal because the sheet is unpublished. My own sheet is written in a very simple way with chord boxes and incidental notes marked in brackets. This would be a highly useful task if we were to collaborate on skype for example, and do some jamming sessions with these topics at hand to collaborate on composition and inprovisation. If we put together the Jonie Mitchel number with these, a rewrite of the lyrics could be a good excercise in a joint composition with scat singing as the informal guideline. One more detail is that the piece I play has both the melody and accompanyment so this os going to look great for when Herbie has a look into these things.
I would really appreciate it is someone were to outline some of the main chords on Paco's Zhgyb, or Cava de Gato, because similarly, looking at Paco's hand even closely a guitarist would have difficulty in imagining what notes he was playing.


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