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by eric glenn • 3 Posts

Hi guys, New to the Guitar. Signed up as a memeber 2 weeks ago. Studying all the theroy classes on this site as well as youtube. I have the Major Scale steps down pat, know all the strings and notes from open and along the fret board. My practice consist of the scalpel picking exercise on each string and also while playing the A minor Pentatonic scale. I recit the Chromatic scale as I progress along each string a few times. Also, I learned the A,D and E major chords (self researched) and practice those. Currently, much of Pebbers info on the beginners lessons is Therory, which is great. However his daily practice video for beginners was doing things I hadn't seen yet (A minor Pentatonic scale etc...) Am I expected to research this info myself or have I just not progressed enough through the lessons? In other words is there a point in which Pebber will review chords, transitions from chord to chord, Major and Minor pentatonic scales..etc... Perhaps I'm being impatient. I practice atleast 2 1hour sessions a day and another hour on the computer. Any words of wisdom for an absolute beginner? Thanks

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RE: New to the guitar

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Mon Sep 01, 2014 8:36 am
by mr. gurgle (deleted)

I don't know if these are words of wisdom, but anyway, hello to you. About your questions (they were good questions at least to me) I think I let those answer that are more familiar with the beginning routines! What I know is that, there are similar questions being asked in some posts already, so you might want to read this forum a bit while waiting for your answer. Also I think that in paid lessons the order of what to do is structured so that you know what you have to study next (that would be a good route also!) Anyway, keep plugging those strings!

I know that there are forumites that have gone through all the beginning steps and are experts on how it goes. Guys chime in and help your fellow axeslinger!

And yes, you may find videos about the pentatonic scale and chords on Pebbers Youtube channel.

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