Playing fast / Thinking fast

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:28 pm
by steviewonder5150 • 4 Posts

Hello everyone! I am new to the forum, but I have discovered Pebber and his website through YouTube, and I must say this guy is serious about guitar, and serious about teaching. I can only imagine his students are / will be BOSS guitar players!
I am just wondering about everyone's thoughts when it comes not to playing fast, but thinking fast. In other words, thinking on your feet while improvising.
I have been playing guitar for almost 14 years, but have only begun working on more advanced techniques for the past year (I studied the blues for 3 years prior).
Along with working on my technique, I have also been working on improvising and composing; and while I have improved all-around as a player and musician, I'm still having a hard time connecting my ideas while improvising.
I can come up with decent melodies, and then I can play some licks and/or do some scale runs, but all of these aspects do not sound connected in a musical sense. I've heard that while playing, players should take a short "breath" between licks and phrases, but I think I'm pausing for the wrong reasons. I'll pause when I can't think of anything else to play, and then after the pause if I haven't come up with something else, I'll just play randomly.
I don't know if this makes any sense to anyone, but if it does, I'm hoping to get some help in this area of my playing.
Does anyone else encounter this problem? What kind of things do you think about while playing?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

- Steve

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RE: Playing fast / Thinking fast

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:32 pm
by uderoche (deleted)

Yeah Steve, I think just about EVERY player goes through that ALL the time. I've heard even Holdsworth goes around telling people he sucks at guitar! He's just restless and always trying to improve I imagine.

Anyway, I'm no jazz player. I can't solo over Autumn Leaves or anything like that. But Pebber sure can! I'm sure he'll have a good answer for you soon.

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RE: Playing fast / Thinking fast

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:39 pm
by steviewonder5150 • 4 Posts

Thanks so much for such a quick reply! In the meantime I have been surfing the forum, and came across a guy (can't remember his name) who says he goes into auto-pilot mode, which must be a simplified way to say what I was trying to say lol.
I'm no jazz player either, I've seen and heard a lot of great jazz players, but my ear can only handle so much (no disrespect).
I'm more into metal and heavy rock. Metallica, Pantera, Ozzy, Satch, and I'm into pretty much any other band with an amazing guitar player.
Anyhow, looking forward to more responses.

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