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Hey guys and girls. My name's Jack (spelt Djack on these forums due to a taste in a certain subgenre of metal......) In the last few weeks I've been taking Pebbers lessons and following the Daily Practice Routine as best I can with the video's and PDF's available here and on YouTube. I've been playing for about 10 years and a few months ago I almost gave up because my technique sucked so bad. However before I gave up I wanted to give it one last shot and that brought me to Mr Browns YT vids. I had watched a lot of his theory videos and it amazed me how well he could explain all the different concepts and structures so when I found his guitar lesson vids my immediate thought was "these have to be good if this guy is giving them" and at first it felt like picking up the guitar for the first time. But after about a week or two of doing things like The Spider and The Ladders I noticed a dramatic improvement in dexterity and control. Anyways, I would like to ask a few of the seasoned veterans on here a few questions about certain parts of the Daily Practice Routines. These areas are giving me trouble because there is little or no info on them on YT or on here so I'm hoping somebody can help me. The first question I have is with Module 3. In Module 3 there is a section covering altered scales. I assume that these altered scales are the Melodic and Harmonic Minor Scales. Any pointers or corrections and examples on this would be appreciated. The second question relates to Module 4. I really am lost as to what Non-Tertiary and Altered Non-Tertiary Chord Scales are. So again any help on this is appreciated. The Third and final problem is with Module 5 and being honest it's the entirety of Module 5. Could somebody please explain with Chord families #1 to #9 are because I've searched and searched and have no more understanding than I did in the beginning. I know this has been a long read but thanks in advance for any light shed or help offered on these questions. Have a good one guys and girls!!!!!!!!!!! =)

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by Ray1981 • 279 Posts

Hey Djack

First of all welcome to the forum, your right Pebbers lessons (theory and guitar) are very good they have helped me a lot in the past year.

Becuase I'm only a member for just a year I will see if I can help you answering your questions.

1) Regarding your question on altered scales I found the following explanation on Wiki : Altered Scales

2) I don't know exactly what they are but I guess these are chord scales that are not built on triads and with alterations as mentioned in the above link. Very interesting question though so if im completly wrong I hope someone will explain this better as I can.

3) I thought that Chord families are chords that below to a certain scale. e.g. Major scale has:

I=Maj II=min III=min IV=Maj V=dom VI=min VII=dom

The above chords is the chord family of the Major scale, thats my understanding. But I dont know where you have seen this because if I take a look to the modules, Module 5 is Eartraining. So I gues you looked at the syllabus there I find lesson 310 which mentiones that there are 5 Chord families.

Although this replies will is not fully complete I still hope it helps you a little bit. Maybe there others who know more about this, to me it seems it are pretty advanced matters.

Grtz Ray

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