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Too many people emailing me over and over again about Troy Grady's "Pick Slanting" technique videos like they are the new Holy Grail of guitar technique ideas. Troy only has a fraction of the overall strategy. He calls it "Downward pick slanting" and "Masters in Mechanics in Antigravity!" Come on BoyTroy get real! This stuff is not new by any means. There is NO ONE SINGLE WAY to approach picking technique, especially when the genres of music change. ALL of the "new ideas" contained in the "Masters in Mechanics Antigravity" are just a new coat of paint on only a partial side of the entire building. OOOH AAAHHH SHINY! YEAH!!! But wait - BoyTroy only uses wrist and forearm based alternate and sweep picking - no scalpel and no sarod...... But the hype is incredible. Oh yeah....

Picking techniques go back a few thousand years to the SAROD. Only in the 20th century do guitarists adapt a millenium-old concept by being the first ones to not play strictly with the fingers (as in the Spanish Flamenco Guitar, the Classical Guitar and the Lute) by utilizing the "plectrum" (as it was originally called) or the pick.

Heres some examples of using "masters in mechanics antigravity.... ha ha"
Some of this shit was recorded almost 15 years ago! Pick slanting - HA!!




Sarod and Alt

Sarod, Scalpel, Alt and Sweep

Scalpel and Sarod

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