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  • Guitar Practice ToolsDateSun Aug 11, 2013 8:38 am
    Forum post by macdaddy. Topic: Guitar Practice Tools

    Thanks for your experience. I had a feeling that was the case about being left hand only. I know they don't plug in. I was thinking the same way about getting some practice here and there but I'm so new I'm still on picking practice. I agree the shred neck is much bigger and more trouble to carry around. I also saw the pignose travel guitar looks very interesting and not much bigger than the shred neck. My main interest is getting some more practise time in to my daily responsibilities. Same as you outlined but I'm not even to my left hand yet.

  • Guitar Practice ToolsDateSun Aug 11, 2013 7:15 am
    Forum post by macdaddy. Topic: Guitar Practice Tools

    That does look handy for practice in the madness of modern life. I was wondering how the spacing on the strings is in terms of right hand practice? The videos I saw only show the guy playing with his thumb and looked like he was mostly practicing his left hand/chromatic shapes. Do you feel like it's useful for picking exercises? Do you use it with a strap?

    Maybe I should change my handle to "questiondaddy" lol. One more please.

    Have you guys seen the shred neck? A bit bigger than this but looks handy.

  • NewbieDateSun Aug 11, 2013 6:59 am
    Forum post by macdaddy. Topic: Newbie

    Thanks. I'm usually more of a reader/lurker on forums. but I do have a few basic questions may be redundant but I can't find answers.

    1. Should I always be plugged in to an amp? I mean If i'm just practicing my picking exercises with a metronome (that's all I'm doing right now) Should I always plug in? I'm thinking of getting a clip on amp 9v batt type that I can clip on my strap.

    2. How uncomfortable (Pain) should I push through? Is it helpful or hurtful to keep exercising when there is a little soreness? as a side question, Do you guys use heat, cold or anything else for it? I mostly feel it in my tendons. I stretch them with Pebbers stretches about 100 times a day. I already feel stronger and better in the right places, and working on relaxing wile playing, but I was just wondering about how much is too much and if it's helpful to push through or hurtful.


  • NewbieDateThu Aug 08, 2013 6:13 am

    Hello Everyone. I'm new here. I've been obsessed with Pb's youtube channel since I found it a few weeks ago, then found all the videos and pdf's here. Amazing. Thank you Pebber! and all your crew. You are amazing, entertaining, inspiring, and obviously passionate about music and guitar playing. I was going to try "metal method" before I found you.
    A bit about me. I'm 45. Picked up guitar at age 17. I started finger picking with tab books on acoustic at that time. mostly blues. Never learned any real technique or principals. My axe was stolen a few years later and I was about to join the Army so I just dropped it. Played a few times in the Army at the USO and when one of the chaplain assistants would come around during desert shield and storm we would play some alices restaurant and hippy stuff like that lol.
    Well I picked it up here and there through the years but never really got serious. I probably just reinforced more wrong muscle memory and reactions than doing any real learning. About 5 years ago I picked up an electric guitar and amp and started trying to play with a pick. I learned some simple songs and played now and then when I could. I'm been using the monkey see monkey do method off youtube. Lately I've felt like I really want to study music and so that's when I found pb's music theory work shop video. I've watched it and done the circle of fifths, fourths ect.. on paper about 10 times or more now. lol. and watched hours of his videos. I've stopped playing anything and started just on the exercises for right hand and working on memorizing the staff note names. I'm going to order his dvd and start the daily practice modules once my form gets to the point i can move on from scalpel picking each string. that's still a struggle. then keeping my thumb behind the neck and just making the chromatic shape kills! I've tightened up the stap and that helps.
    Any ways, Just wanted to check in with you all and say a big Thanks. so

    A Big Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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