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  • Question about Music Theory 1EDateFri May 09, 2014 2:08 pm

    Yes, but why would PB give me access to documents and not want me to use them? Why do you assume I am doing the assignment without following directions?

    He even states on his website that independent guitar lessons are to be treated as rigorously as one would if they were enrolled in the college itself. In college, the professor would present the student with lecture and a textbook to supplement lecture. In this case, the lectures are the videos, and the text are the PDF files he makes available. Sometimes, the professor assigns from the text, other times, he/she expects you to independently read the text to supplement lecture without being told to do so. With this in mind, PB never said to use the PDF and video in conjunction because it would be already assumed by the student to utilize all text and media material in conjunction, that all class material presented would be used for the same goal went without saying. I've never had a professor give us a textbook and not expect us to read it, and if they do, they would explicitly state it. Otherwise, it is up to a student's motivation to review all relevant material because the professor gives it as a benefit. Sure, you can choose to not use it, but if you are paying for this class, why not take full advantage?

    I compared lecture to text and found a discrepancy, and asked why. I could not finish the assigned homework without having the question answered. I was in no way attacking PB or any poster by asking the question; I was not "taking shortcuts" to my learning either as one user suggested between the lines in the post before this. I figured if I found it, others who have already taken the course must have also. I was under the impression that this forum was to be used as a supplement to the class, much like the Blackboard format a lot of colleges use where the professor provides an online space to e.g. hold discussion outside of the classroom. If it is not, I am mistaken and I am sorry for posting this question and I am sorry also because the way in which answering my question was handled regardless of whether or not that is what this board is to be used for.

    As a paying subscriber, I feel like its in my best interest to say something about the way in which this particular discussion was mishandled because this is part of what I am paying for with my lessons and I am interested in using this forum as a benefit. I am writing this as constructive criticism to make this community forum a more friendly environment for future course questions, at no fault or criticism to PB, whom I respect greatly. I am hoping this facilitates a constructive resolution to what I see as a harassment problem that needs to be addressed for the betterment of this community, moderators, and posters. All posters, guests, and moderators have an obligation to treat this forum like a community and we are each responsible for facilitating an educational environment for each other. To the best of my knowledge the only person who has a financially vested interest in this forum is Pebber Brown, all other moderators and users not being financially motivated to maintain this forum as an educational environment by anything except their pursuit of knowledge and character. Because nobody besides Pebber Brown has this interest, it is up to all users to take an interest in supporting and growing this community for the sake of education with the benefit of not being bound by financial gain. This only works when the community of users all understand this obligation and personally work to maintain this high standard. This community is kept exclusive to paid users and otherwise for this reason. I apologize if anybody feels attacked, as this is not my intention to disrespect anybody. The rules of the forum state to bring all abuses to a moderator's or administrator's attention. I think as a community we can learn to resolve our differences in a friendly manner without the intervention of an administrator, although I realize at least one poster is a moderator. However, I am unsure at this point if it can be achieved although I'd like to hope so. Let me explain further.

    After asking the question, I was told by the first poster that even though he did not know the video I was talking about, I must be wrong in my assumption for anecdotal reasons; I felt attacked for asking a question and continued to be made to feel like I was somehow wrong in asking the question or mistaken. Again, this was anecdotal, meaning the poster did not know what material I was questioning, but assumed without examining evidence that I was wrong. The second poster even suggested between the lines that I am taking shortcuts by using the pdf document because it was never assigned with the video. All of this falls under the category of harassing language, although he/she otherwise made an honest attempt at answering my question, it seems the overall way the question was answered was aggressive and made to make me feel stupid in asking. As stated before, professors present students with both lecture and text to be used in conjunction throughout the course, and the lecture is presented in the form of video, the text being in PDF form. I understand I will most likely be further attacked by moderators/users for even posting my concern, even though harassing attacks are forbidden on this forum. Instead of being teachers and facilitators of intelligent discussion, you two users have decided to be hostile to my question and this is my way of speaking out against this really weird, aggressive, and unprofessional reaction to a course question. This is probably because nobody but PB is financially obligated to maintain an educational environment for its paying users, which is why it is important to bring up this issue so we can all learn to use each other's talents and knowledge for the greater benefit.

    I am really disappointed that this forum is not what I would expect from people interested in pursuing a higher education. I would have expected less ad hominem attacks and more constructive discussion from educated students who are taking the same class, have taken the class, or are taking similar higher level PB classes. Anecdotal accusations that a poster is mistaken about what he/she has observed after she watched the media and text given by her teacher should not be taken lightly. Please be considerate of what you are posting, how it comes across, and if it facilitates a constructive answer to a posed question. If we all do, this community will continue to grow and become a learning environment to rival an expensive college education and for this reason, we should all have a vested interest in upholding this idea. Thank you for reading this.

    It was my lengthy way of asking you two (more so the moderator), why such aggression towards the question and why would you automatically assume that I do not know what I am talking about without even looking at the evidence?

  • Question about Music Theory 1EDateTue May 06, 2014 8:32 am

    Yes this is the video. I watched it again and I see how he added extra positions while explaining the 7POS system. However, if you compare the video to the pdf, they do not match. I emailed him with the concern and he agreed that there are inconsistencies between the video and the pdf that are caused by him having an older version of the pdf file uploaded.

    So again, if anybody is also noticing this while learning Music Theory 1E from 31:00-40:00 found at > lesson videos > Music Theory for Guitar Vol 1E, you are NOT misunderstanding the video. The video file and the pdf file explaining the 7POS system just do not match 100% as confirmed by Pebber Brown as of May 6, 2014, so do not use them in tandem if you are doing the assigned homework of mapping out the CAGED, 7POS, and 14POS in every key on the four neck diagrams. Instead, use the video diagrams.

  • Question about Music Theory 1EDateMon May 05, 2014 6:53 am

    Thank you for your reply, but I should clarify to say this question is for people who have a pay subscription to the lessons, and who watch the video lessons. I have already stated in my question that I know about the 7 Pos pdf. My question is on the inconsistency of the pdf to the video. I will just ask Pebber directly.

  • Question about Music Theory 1EDateSun May 04, 2014 7:55 pm

    The video I have a question about is from Music Theory 1--Music Theory for Guitar 1E that goes over the 7 Position System and maps it onto the four neck diagrams.

    I mapped out the scales along with Pebber in the video and compared them to the 7 position system pdf found under guitar lesson pdf files. He gives more than seven positions in the video but leaves out position 1 from the pdf. A few of the "extra" positions he gives only have 2 notes per string, so how are these included in the 3 nps category? I am trying to map out all the keys, and I would like to know which shapes I should reference and from where. I understand Pebber says "there is no right or wrong, only more," but I feel like the material from the same lesson should be consistent. Thank you.

  • On other teachers not teaching the CAGED systemDateFri Feb 28, 2014 12:43 pm

    Before I found PB, I had a few guitar teachers whom I did not learn much from. I remember asking one particular teacher what his thoughts were on the CAGED system. To my surprise he said he never heard of it. This piqued my interest because I had only been familiar with guitar for a few years and had heard it mentioned several times, whereas this guy had 30 plus years of experience and NEVER heard of it.

    I understand that there is more than one road to the center, but poking around the internet I found somebody with a similar problem. In this guys case, the teacher discouraged studying theory and the CAGED system. His teacher's view is that you only need to know the chromatic scale (and the rest of the approach I can sum up as "feelings" and understanding intervals without actually knowing theory?).

    I am not able to post links on this forum, otherwise I would love to post the link to the discussion forum as well as the link to his teacher's playing. (I feel like I've tried everything and I just can't get it to work). Hearing him play would make this post more clear because it sounds poorly written and played. He studied jazz at Berklee.

    I am interested in hearing other's thoughts on this. It seems like guys like this don't teach it because they don't know it... but I could be off base here if the CAGED system is not actually something that is widely accepted. Does anybody think otherwise or agree? Thanks!

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