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  • Class 2020, September, Random ThoughtsDateMon Aug 24, 2020 5:39 am
    Topic by McFly. Forum: PB Guitarstudio FORUMS

    Write whatever you want about your guitar learning experience in our Class 2020


  • Connecting the Dots LinearlyDateSun Jul 12, 2020 11:29 am
    Forum post by McFly. Topic: Connecting the Dots Linearly

    Maybe learning modes of the parent A minor scale (modes in series) linearly?

  • Here is some helpful advice from Pebber who made an effort to steer us in the right direction.

    If you have not seen it already here it is.

    Also, if you want, we can stick to picking
    on one string and try to sort out our timing problems a bit during July
    and open a Class2020 thread on adjacent picking next month or even later
    so that we don't rush it at the expense of doing it right.

    If someone would like to upload recent picking on adjacent strings practice video
    we can easily make a thread dedicated to those exercises named Class2020 adjacent string picking
    just to keep things/topics/exercises separated and hopefully easier to follow that way.


  • Hi Roger,

    nice of you to join in with your practice video.

    At some points it looks like you lose timing (to me it seems on the lowest
    and highest number of notes per beat), the ones in the middle sound
    good to my (bear in mind also beginner) ear.

    Technique seems tight up until 5 or 6 notes per beat and at that point
    it seems you use a bit more arm/hand movement for higher number of notes per beat.

    Drifting off in timing seems to be a common beginner problem we all need to work on.

    The technique should get better at faster tempos or higher number of notes per beat
    for us all if we just keep on practicing and taking seriously Pebber's words from his videos.

    One other thing, I feel it would be best to keep the number of exercises in one 2-3 minute video
    low. For example, instead of putting 1-10 notes per beat in a single video pick 2 or 3 (like 3,4,5 or
    4,5,6 or whatever else ) so that there is some longer period of time on the same stuff
    and it is easier then to watch/listen for inconsistencies or mistakes.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and thumbs up for making the video.

    Stick with it :)


  • Hi MadJo,

    to me your picking technique looks rather well.

    And the timing seems accurate most of the time. Only on all up video
    it sounds like you lose the click a few times(I might be mistaken)

    I tend to check myself by recording my practice and listening to the audio at
    reduced video speed (75% or even 50% but then the sound tends to get weird :) )
    and then try to practice more the things i hear go wrong
    which is sometimes hard to notice while practicing.

    Anyway, good job and keep it up.


  • Class2020, June, thoughts and troublesDateWed Jun 03, 2020 2:22 am

    Often you find people saying that if you do the exercises you get better at doing exercises and not at "playing" the guitar. While the first part is most certainly true I have found (and kind of expected, to be honest, when placing my trust in Pebber's knowledge, advice and the message he conveys through his videos) is that you get better at whatever you were "playing" before engaging in the exercises in a structured and disciplined manner. And the best thing is, you get better at it even without explicitly practicing it. It is just your technical level getting better enabling you to play things from "before" either faster or cleaner, or both in fact ( this does not mean that we should never learn/practice our licks, riffs or whatever we feel like playing )

    If you think this sounds foolish, take some lick or something you "play" (and probably you did try something other
    than just exercises at some point ) record yourself or make note of the speed at which you can do it cleanly
    and then just do the exercises (spiders, ladder, trills,chromatic, picking). After a month, you try the same lick
    and I am pretty sure you will find you got better at it although you have not practiced it during that time.

    Of course the more time you devote to your practice the better and/or faster the progress will be but even 30-40 minutes a day on the above exercises (BUT EVERY DAY) makes a difference.

    And that should really motivate you to stick to your daily practice routine. :)


  • Here are my videos (although not June quite yet :) ).

    Sound a disaster :/ so watch out and start with low volume

    Picking hopefully not as much of a disaster :)

    Scalpel all down, all up, down up

    and an attempt at sarod


  • Class2020, June, thoughts and troublesDateSun May 24, 2020 8:57 am
    Topic by McFly. Forum: PB Guitarstudio FORUMS

    The place for whatever you feel like talking about regarding our guitar adventures and frustration
    during the next month...

  • Topic by McFly. Forum: PB Guitarstudio FORUMS

    Let us make June dedicated to picking exercises on one (each) string.

    The relevant pdfs would be Right Hand Syllabus v6-14-14 from Pebber's website where
    these exercises are numbered 2.31-2.33 with 2.34 (subdivisions) and Picking Exercises Worksheet.

    Best relevant videos (in my opinion) on Youtube are:

    Module 1 Overview Part 1A (all down)
    Module 1 Overview Part 1B (all up)
    Daily Practice Module 1 Part 1 (newer from 2015)

    and also Daily Practice Module 1 Part 1 (older 2010)
    Daily Practice Part 1 and 2
    Picking concepts 1A-1D
    Picking Basics 2A

    Things to watch for while practicing:

    -even (time) spacing between the notes
    -first note in the series right on the click of the metronome
    -only thumb and first finger move while doing scalpel picking
    -other fingers pulled in as much as possible/comfortable

    It would be nice if we could all put up one (or a couple) video(s) in the first week of June and then another one (or
    a couple) in the last week of June to see if we can make some progress in 1 month or just so that there is some
    "external" motivation for practicing these specific exercises.

    Of course we all do the exercises at tempos and beat subdivisions we feel confident with
    at the moment of making a video.

    I suggest video length of 2-3 minutes so there is enough time to see how good/bad we do the particular exercise
    but they are not too long to take too much of any potential viewer's time.

    "Challenge": do good on at least one odd (3,5,7 or 9 or 11 if you are really brave ;)) beat subdivision.

    I thought this thread to only contain videos of us doing the exercises and comments on them
    and take general discussion about anything we feel like talking about to another thread
    called Class2020, June, thoughts and troubles :)

    Good luck and stick with it :)


  • Who would be interested in Class2020 group? DateFri May 22, 2020 3:58 am
    Topic by McFly. Forum: PB Guitarstudio FORUMS

    Hi everybody,

    just a quick suggestion if you think it would be helpful, since the practice videos appear
    every now and then, they get viewed, but rarely commented (Pebber is so busy that it is
    hard to expect him commenting everything we put up on the forum) and
    it is hard to recognize are there other teachers or highly experienced students on the forum who could
    give qualified remarks on our technique or they are also too busy...

    I was wondering if people actively practicing at the moment would like to gather in a couple of
    dedicated threads where we could exchange our thoughts, problems, questions, progress and support
    and motivate each other. As Pebber says it is you versus you and it is up to us to stick with it and become
    better or give up, which can happen for various reasons and is no shame, but we might support each other
    for a while and see how it goes.

    As we are all learning it is hard to comment each other's videos (the technical aspect) but we might try.
    And wait for some comments from someone who really knows what he is talking about as we do anyway. But sometimes a simple keep up the good work or thumbs up can be motivating for each of us. And the videos are scattered through threads with various exercises from various users so I thought it would be nice to start some threads under the general reference like Class 2020 Picking on one string and we all put those videos in the same thread, another one Class2020 adjacent strings, then chromatic accross could be one, chromatic movement, chromatic permutations and so on. And we limit video length to 2mins or whatever time we agree being appropriate for one specific exercise. Other line of threads might be Class2020 picking thoughts where we complain, comment, and wonder about our difficulties, for example I hate the zzinggg on strings 1,2,3 when doing picking exercises and don't know if it is a problem of my technique, the pick angle, the pick type, the grip or just something normal which occasionally happens. Or, since it is getting hotter my arm sticks to the guitar body and it is annoying when you are trying to do picking on adjacent strings and your arm kind of gets stuck as you adjust it going from 6th to 1st string. Or anything else that bothers you/us but under some collective title on a set of close topics.

    Maybe we can have monthly homework (not competition) where we all make one video on specific
    exercise (example, picking on adjacent strings at a tempo and whichever number of notes per beat each one of us feels comfortable at that moment in time)

    So, to start with, could all of you interested in such approach reply to this message so that we see how many of us
    (call us Class 2020 :) ) would be interested and if there is more than a couple I can start a couple of threads as explained above and we see where it takes us and whether we like it or not.


  • Feel the 7, feel the 9, feel the 11DateTue Feb 11, 2020 6:01 am
    Topic by McFly. Forum: PB Guitarstudio FORUMS

    Hi all,

    I would like to suggest some listening in connection with the (un)usual 5’s 7’s 9’s and all that
    (feel the five, feel the seven 😊 ) and also, you might like it, and decide to explore this
    (in my opinion) great guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski further. Some nice music there if you ask me.

    The thing is he is a player from Macedonia (now North Macedonia, once Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; things are never easy in the Balkans region) and their traditional music is full of odd rhythms 5/4, 7/8, 9/8 even I think (similar stuff in Bulgarian music also and some other countries in the region I guess). He used to put some of those traditional ones in his recorded opus and wrote some of his own leaning on his traditional heritage.

    So here are some (the links are like this as nothing else worked; tried video einfugen, link einfugen, and simple paste)

    7/8 oro ; the name is a giveaway ha?


    Jovano Jovanke ; feel it 1-2-3;1-2,1-2


    Devetka, is this 9/8, I cant decide?


    This should be 11/8?

    Kalajdzisko oro


    And this one 4/4? Or 7/16+9/16 if thing like that exists? Pebber will tear me apart :) but listen to it for a while and tell me what you hear?

    Kokoska (translated as chicken :) )


    During some interview he demonstrates some 13/8 feel and then says there are Bulgarian guys doing 33/16 ??!? but that’s advanced math for him he says 😊 cant find it now but the above should give you some listening to think about.

    Anyway hope you find some of his music interesting; search for Leb I Sol (his band until 1990), then his solo work, Vlatko Stefanovski Trio, Kings of Strings (with Tommy Emmanuel and Stochelo Rosenberg) he said they were reluctant to go do odd signatures on stage during those Kings of Strings tours so thats why we all need to learn these right away before we loose the ability to absorb them : ) ,
    Collaboration with Jan Akkerman (from Focus), with Miroslav Tadic (some excellent acoustic playing)...

    Give Stefanovski a try, you might discover some enjoyable moments while doing so and you will definitely start feeling the 7 😊 and might even hear some scales most of us don't hear everyday (my knowledge on this stuff is minuscule so i wont try an be the judge on that)

    Hope I didn’t bother you too much with this, but since we all love the instrument and (at least) some music beyond power chords I thought to maybe offer some pieces of music you might be less familiar with.

    Also in my first post where i introduced myself a bit i forgot to say



  • Quick Hi, from McFlyDateTue Feb 11, 2020 4:15 am
    Topic by McFly. Forum: PB Guitarstudio FORUMS

    Just to say hi to everybody.
    My name is Silvije, 40 years old, from Croatia. And I suck at guitar 😊

    Been watching Pebber’s videos again for a couple of months now taking bits and pieces from his treasure trove of wisdom, and laughing constantly watching his videos so even when I can’t practice it just cheers me up watching his youtube stuff 😊

    Been playing (trying to play) on and off for 7-8 years with great oscillations in practice time (30-90 mins) and big time gaps without any practice for various reasons.

    Recently I can find 45-60 mins 4-5 days a week so trying at it again , incorporating some classical form, chromatics, ladders, spiders, scale sequence, scalpel exercises, you all know the drill, right? And if too tired (as my daughter often doesn’t allow for much sleep time) I learn some basic theory (being a theoretical physicist tends to push one in this direction eventually 😊 ), chord construction, scale stuff, knowing your upper tetrachords to distinguish minor scales and stuff like that.

    Where will it take me and how long before the next big break from practice, don’t know and don’t care, as long as my practice spells bring joy. Hopefully, I will suck less and less as time goes by 😊

    To paraphrase Del Trotter from excellent British comedy Only fools and horses, this time next year (decade) I might be half-decent at playing some basic guitar 😊


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