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  • Dont give up!DateTue Jan 19, 2016 9:26 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Dont give up!


    Quote: Sirkostik wrote in post #1
    I was worse than Kurt Cobain...
    Although Cobain wrote some of the greatest songs that helped defined a genre (grunge) and a generation (X), I think I understand what you are trying to say.

    It appears as though you have some SERIOUS chops. Good job!

  • UKraine SpammersDateTue Jan 19, 2016 9:03 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: UKraine Spammers

    Убийте тролів !

  • Music Theory: IntervalsDateTue Nov 17, 2015 10:13 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Music Theory: Intervals

    Quote: Farelli wrote in post #4

    I could noodle around with that, but I'm sort of loving E Phrygian, so maybe an EABEBE video would be better. Or both. But maybe later. I could easily run afoul of standard tuning and forget that I'm trying to master it.
    That's a GREAT idea, Farelli! If you do decide to post something in "Open E" EABEBE, then please create a separate thread for that.

  • Left Hand Exercise VideoDateTue Nov 17, 2015 9:42 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Left Hand Exercise Video

    Hi Will!

    ,,,and thank YOU for putting in the effort and sharing with us! It's funny: I had already been playing for over 20 YEARS by the time I met Pebber and started working his routine. I swear on all that is well and good that I learned, and DEVELOPED, way more after studying Pebber's techniques in a mere 6 months than I had during almost the entire 20 previous years. I kid you not.

    Have I "graduated" from Pebber's method? Absolutely NOT! In fact, I can pick any point on the Daily Practice Routine and find something upon which I can drill, and upon which I can improve! It's about a process, not about a "destination."

    You are an inspiration, Bro....Keep it up!!!

  • Jazz Guitar BooksDateFri Oct 30, 2015 3:32 pm
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Jazz Guitar Books

    Quote: Ray1981 wrote in post #20
    Great idea, I was aware of this possibility and thought I have to do it like that. Now I see you do this too sometimes maybe you like this freeware program called greenshotGreenshot
    Hi Ray!

    Based on your last post, you made it clear that you were looking for a way to create a .PDF file off of your Kindle pages. Now you are stating that you already know how to do this

    Actually, I have never had any difficulties finding proper sheet music. I was only trying to offer some advice to you, because you were looking for a .PDF of any of the examples I provided in my initial response. Perhaps something was lost in translation.

  • The Warm-Up Thread! (PB Forum Member Videos ONLY)DateFri Oct 30, 2015 3:07 pm

    Quote: Ray1981 wrote in post #9
    Adam Id be happy to try to make a video on this would you like to see it in this thread? I will try tonight or tomorrow to make a video on this. I learned this from my Skype teacher who give me Jazz lessons. He explains me that chromatic enclosers (as he calls it) is used a lot in Jazz. So he gave me this exercise. All the credits below to him :)
    Hi Ray,

    I am a little confused by your response, but no worries, my friend! Please do NOT complicate things, because my request is really simple:

    You stated in your "Chromatic Pent Exercises" video that the pattern you demonstrate does 2 things:

    1) It is a great warm-up exercise

    2) It can also be used as a lick over A-minor

    I am just asking you to please explain #2 a little further. Please post a video showing us how that warm-up exercise relates to the key of A-minor.

    Honestly, this request really has nothing to do with your "Skype teacher." I am just curious to learn how you (Ray Gilbers) applies this exercise over an A-minor scale. I am looking forward to your video response,,,,Thanks Ray!!!

  • The CandyRat Records Thread!DateFri Oct 30, 2015 9:49 am
    Topic by Adam. Forum: PB Guitarstudio FORUMS

    Hello Everyone!

    Recently, I noticed a couple of responses (from Forum Member aethermachine) in the "Michael Hedges!" thread that referenced a label called CandyRat Records. Therefore, I figured it would be a good idea to simply create an entire thread dedicated to CandyRat Records.

    For those who are not yet familiar with this label, I can safely state that CandyRat Records is home to some of the absolute BEST contemporary acoustic guitarists in the world. I think most people would agree that guitarists Michael Hedges, Tommy Emmanuel, and Tuck Andress are the "Three Kings," and "Founding Fathers" of contemporary acoustic guitar virtuosity. Although none of these three are on the CandyRat label, I do not know of any other label with so many talented acoustic guitar wizards.

    I think it is rather safe to assume that most of us have heard of an amazing acoustic player by the name of Andy McKee, but have any of you heard this virtuoso?:

  • Michael Hedges!DateFri Oct 30, 2015 9:26 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Michael Hedges!

    Quote: aethermachine wrote in post #4
    Hey guys! I didn't really know who Michael Hedges was until I found CandyRat Records and found out a lot of those players were inspired by him.
    Hello Everyone!

    Jon, thank you so much for posting a couple of fantastic follow-up videos, and especially for mentioning CandyRat Records!!! This label is home to some the absolute BEST contemporary acoustic players in the world. There are guys on CandyRat that totally blow my mind!

    I can't believe I didn't follow up on this thread until today - a month later. However, I am going to start a new thread where we can post videos and discuss our favorite CandyRat musicians. I hope you all take part in that thread!

  • Jazz Guitar BooksDateFri Oct 30, 2015 9:14 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Jazz Guitar Books

    Quote: Ray1981 wrote in post #18
    BTW, yesterday I bought the Practicing Ideas with the Real Book. I wanted it in PDF so I could print it for myself Kindle doesnt allow you to do. I like to have the sheet music on my stand instead of on a pc screen or Tables.
    Yes, I completely agree! I always prefer having my charts & graphs in .PDF for the exact same reason. However, there is a way to create such a document in Windows :

    First, you find the page you want to turn into a .PDF, and you hit the Print Scrn ("Print Screen") button. Then, you open up Paint and hit Ctrl V ("Control V"), which should paste everything. Finally, you can crop anything that doesn't belong on your new document, and then simply save the file. After that, you can print it right up!

    **PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes it might be necessary to "save" as soon as you first paste everything in Windows Paint. Then, you can re-open the file in Windows Paint again, and that is when you can crop, save, and print.

    I hope this helps, my friend!

  • The Warm-Up Thread! (PB Forum Member Videos ONLY)DateFri Oct 30, 2015 8:57 am

    Hi Ray,

    Actually, I was wondering if you would also re-post your "Chromatic Pent Exercises" video here in this thread, as well. Right now, it is posted under the "Single-String Chromatic Warm-Up" thread. Technically, your exercise is not a single-string exercise, so that's why I think it would be more accurate for you to post it here. I tried to edit the title of the other thread, but there were already too many responses. Therefore, I had to create this new thread. The bottom-line is that I just do not want any present or future Forum Members to get confused. Plus, I think more people will view that video in this thread, as opposed to the "Single-String Warm-Ups" thread.

    I was also wondering if you would be able to post a follow-up video to your "Chromatic Pent Exercises" that demonstrates how your exercise would fit in the key of A-minor. I noticed that you mentioned this in the video, so it would be really helpful if you could demonstrate by playing that over an A-minor backing track, perhaps. Just a thought, but I think it would be really cool, too!

  • Single-String Chromatic Warm-UpsDateFri Oct 30, 2015 6:31 am

    Will, that is an excellent video! Each note sounds clear, the left-hand technique is spot on, and your picking is tight. NICE!

    May I ask that you please post this video to the new thread I created?: The Warm-Up Thread

    After Ray posted his video in this thread, I noticed that I needed to change the title of this thread, because his video was not technically a single-string chromatic warm-up. I just do not want to confuse future Forum Members. Unfortunately, I was unable to edit this thread's title, because there were already responses to my initial post. Therefore, I just created a new thread where we can post ALL of our warm-up exercises. Your video definitely belongs there!

  • The Warm-Up Thread! (PB Forum Member Videos ONLY)DateFri Oct 30, 2015 6:19 am

    Thank you, Ray! It would be cool to see another video showing another one of your warm-ups, too.

  • Music Theory: IntervalsDateFri Oct 30, 2015 6:04 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Music Theory: Intervals

    Quote: Farelli wrote in post #1
    I certainly go through periods of failing communication, don't I? One might think I'd gone over the hills and...I digress.
    Ahhh, but like me, I would almost bet that you are filling those "periods of failing communication" with a lot of guitar practice and study; especially after reading this post regarding your interval mapping....WOW!

    Quote: Farelli wrote in post #1
    Lately I've been working on my theory, mapping intervals of the C Major scale on every string. I've done one whole octave, and will add 9ths, 11ths, and 13ths. I'm not sure how common the other items are but those will get me going for now. Though I might like to map them all anyway.

    This is just another great exercise for learning theory (intervals) while simultaneously memorizing the fingerboard. As with all things guitar, the entire system is movable, and the only changes are the note names.
    Sounds like we've got a new thread topic!: The Interval Mapping Thread Why not get it started? If you could, please post a video showing how you map out intervals of a C-Major scale and encourage others to post a video of them mapping intervals of other scales. That would be awesome, and it would encourage other Forum Members (present and future) to get involved. I would definitely get in on this, too!

    Quote: Farelli wrote in post #1
    There's a lot of activity going on here. I need to set a fixed time each week to do some recording and get in on this. DADGAD threads, honestly! Adam what are you doing to me, man!
    You definitely help keep the activity alive, so thank you for taking the time to share and post with us. Dude, I would LOVE to see a DADGAD video from you! Rock on, my friend!!!

  • Beginner! Questions on Online Subscription.DateFri Oct 30, 2015 5:30 am

    Quote: shotimac wrote in post #5
    Hi! PB and Adam. I just subscribed on your online lessons. I've learned guitar a long time ago but stopped for about 9 years. :( . I don't know any musical and guitar theory but I've watched PB's Music Theory 101 - A on youtube and it was really helpful. I wish to learn more theories so that i would have a solid foundation about music and guitar. As of the moment i only know basic chords. and I've been practicing PB's daily practice for about 5 days now with 2 to 3 hours per day. :)
    That is awesome, Mark! Unfortunately, playing guitar is not like riding a bicycle in the sense that one can stop playing for an extended period of time, but then pick it back up and expect to be at the same level. I've experienced some gaps, here and there, throughout my guitar-playing career, so I definitely understand where you are coming from. The important thing is that you are back in the saddle, and you have everything you need to move forward. In fact, I would bet that very soon, you are going to be much better than you ever were!

    Again, it is really good to have you in the Forum

  • Jazz Guitar BooksDateFri Oct 30, 2015 5:17 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Jazz Guitar Books

    Hello Everyone!

    Just to be clear: I never advocate pirating or the illegal downloading of anything. I recently walked away from my corporate career in order to focus more on my music, and I am finding that it is extremely difficult to do this. Not only that, but artists and writers do not work for free. So if a publisher or a record label isn't paid, the artists and writers certainly will not be paid.

  • The Warm-Up Thread! (PB Forum Member Videos ONLY)DateTue Oct 27, 2015 4:47 pm

    Here is a MONSTER of an exercise I picked up in the late 80's from a publication called "Guitar For The Practicing Musician." I can make the tab available upon request. Enjoy!

  • The Warm-Up Thread! (PB Forum Member Videos ONLY)DateTue Oct 27, 2015 4:09 pm
    Topic by Adam. Forum: PB Guitarstudio FORUMS

    Hello Fellow Forum Members!

    I wanted to create a thread were all of us can post videos of ourselves demonstrating the different warm-ups we use to loosen up the fingers and get that blood pumping. Please do not post videos of anyone else demonstrating their techniques. We've got sites like YouTube and for that. Like the DADGAD Thread I recently created, I am hoping that PB Forum Members will get excited about posting videos!

    Most of my warm-ups are straight from the Pebber Brown playbook (single-string chromatics, spiders, trills, x-patterns, etc.), and these videos will be labeled accordingly ("Pebber Brown Forum"). I will also post videos of me demonstrating warm-up exercises I've picked up elsewhere over the years, and they will appear as the "regular" YouTube videos I post. I encourage you all to do the same: Post a video of any warm-up you like, as long as it is YOU!

    The first video I will share is actually a re-posting of a video from another thread. I actually tried changing the title of that thread, but I had waited too long; the number of responses prevented me from changing it. Here, I am demonstrating a single-string chromatic exercise that Pebber first showed me back in 2008, when I first had the pleasure of getting to know him. It is a nice little twist on what most guitarists would think of when they picture a "chromatic warm-up."

  • Beginner! Questions on Online Subscription.DateTue Oct 27, 2015 3:34 pm

    Hi Mark!

    Welcome to the Forum, and I think it is really cool that you have reignited that passion to pursue your craft. You are absolutely in the right place, and I hope you stick around, because we are all here to help each other and to learn from one another.

    Hope to see some videos from you, soon!

  • Scalpel pickingDateTue Oct 27, 2015 3:28 pm
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Scalpel picking

    Hi Musso7444!

    Looking really good, brother,,,and I LOVE the use of the metronome! I think you said it best yourself when you touched of the following 2 items:

    1) When you alluded to the fact that you are more comfortable playing scales (in this case, the A-minor Pentatonic), then stick with that! Remember, Pebber himself always stresses this. He uses a combination and/or a hybrid of techniques depending on what the music calls for (single string runs, scales, chords, tremolo picking, palm muting). I have incorporated this into my playing, and got much better as a result.

    2) Practicing can definitely get you the results you seek, as long as you practice right and on a consistent basis. I first got to know Pebber back in Summer 2008, and he introduced me to Scalpel and Sarod Picking Techniques. It took me 6 months of practicing each technique, before I felt comfortable enough to incorporate these techniques into my live playing. Like Pebber, I developed a Scalpel/Sarod Hybrid Technique. However; in no way does this mean I "mastered" either technique. Based on my research, most experts agree that it takes at least 10,000 HOURS of practicing something in order to become advanced.

    Even despite this, here I am over 7 years later, and I am still working on improving these techniques introduced to me by Pebber!

    Thank you so much for your post, Muso7444, and keep up the great work!!!

  • Jazz Guitar BooksDateTue Oct 27, 2015 3:05 pm
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Jazz Guitar Books

    Hey Guys!

    I am going to follow up with BluesJwot and Ray in this post:

    Quote: BluesJwot wrote in post #10
    Jazz lick I learned today; my picking is getting better but I still need to work on it, same as my speed and timing . You might already know it but if you want to learn it here's a photo with tab/notation.
    WOW! I really enjoy that lick, and your picking & left-hand technique look very good. I am going to have to give that one a go, as well. My only suggestion would be adding a metronome to your video posts like this, or even a snippet of a backing track, like that backing track Ray was so kind to post for you. Hey man, keep up the great work!

    Quote: Ray1981 wrote in post #13
    Im very confused about Real Books and Fake books, whats so real and fake and which to use?
    Real Books and Fake Books contain sheet music (and in some cases, the lyrics, too) for jazz standards. These were created for jazz musicians to study at home and to also take with them to gigs, so they could sit in with their peers. You can get by with both books, however; the Real Books are considered more reliable. The Fake Books have been found to contain more discrepancies. Until recently, both types were "illegal," because the songwriters did not receive royalties for their reprinted sheet music. Fake Books are still illegal, but Hal Leonard now distributes the Real Books. There are also the New Real Books, and in my opinion, the New Real Books are printed in better quality compared to the others.

    Quote: Ray1981 wrote in post #13
    There a lot of those books different keys and differnt versions. So maybe you or anybody els could recommend one to us?
    With all of these books, you want the versions printed in the Key of C, because these are for guitarists. The other keys (Bb, Eb, and Bass Clef) are for other instruments. As of today, the most recent edition of the Real Book is the 6th Edition. Google searches can help sort all of this out, as well.

    Quote: Ray1981 wrote in post #13
    Anybody nows where to buy this book in PDF: Jazz Practice Ideas With Your Real Book. I found Amazon but has only in Kindle or hardcopy.
    I have the Kindle version, so I am not sure about where to download a .PDF version.

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