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  • Left Hand Exercises 5.21-5.23DateTue Jul 04, 2017 12:04 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Left Hand Exercises 5.21-5.23

    Hi Farelli!

    Left-Hand Form is SPOT-ON, and your timing is excellent (once you dialed in the tempo accordingly). I really like how you were able to make adjustments "on the fly," and quickly dive right back in -- KUDOS to you, Sir!!!

  • Had an 'aha' moment about modes todayDateMon Jul 03, 2017 11:53 pm

    Hi Farelli,

    That's AWESOME that you came to your realization! To build upon Paul's idea to try to create a "drone" and play along, another good way to practice how the modes "fit" or "sound" in a certain key is to download the free MP3's that Pebber has of one note being played for the entirety of the track.

    If you have trouble locating these, please let me know, as I can just send them over to you!

  • Beginner practice hour questionDateMon Jul 03, 2017 11:46 pm

    Hi muldar3000!

    I have always maintained that 10 minutes of practice per day is better than NOT practicing at all. Do whatever feels comfortable to you, but I will say that if all you have is 10 minutes, work on the same exercise, if possible.

    Also, for something like Sarod picking, it can take 6 months to a year, or even longer, to really develop it enough where you can incorporate it into your playing.

    Some students are able to pick up things a lot quicker than others, but typically, the more time you put in to an exercise or technique, the greater the rewards!

  • A Minor Pentatonic QuestionsDateMon Jul 03, 2017 11:40 pm
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: A Minor Pentatonic Questions

    Hi muldar3000!

    There really isn't a "right way" or "wrong way" to play those Long Pattern Pentatonic Scales. Me? I will typically assign 1 finger per fret, meaning that is I am playing frets 5 & 8 on the low E string, I will play 5 with index and 8 with pinky.

    For a stretch like frets 5, 7, 10, I will adapt my fingers accordingly: 5 = index, 7 = middle, 10 = pinky and move on to the next string. Now, if you are then playing fret 12 on the same string, you can work on sliding 5-7 with index, 10 = ring, 12 = pinky, OR 5 = index, 7 = middle, 10 - 12 = slide with pinky. If the 4 notes are close to each other, say on the high E string, I will play 12 = index, 15 = middle, 17 = ring, 19 = pinky, OR again, incorporate a slide in there somewhere.

    You see? There is no definitive way, so practice ALL possibilities.

    As far as descending from high E to low E, and whether or not to pick up your entire hand and place it on the next string, it depends on whether or not you are using a slide in there somewhere, or a long stretch. Again, play whatever is comfortable for YOU.

  • Thumb pressure behind the neckDateMon Jul 03, 2017 11:29 pm
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Thumb pressure behind the neck

    Hi muldar3000!

    I concur entirely with Farelli: You need to be your own gauge of what is comfortable versus what is "too much." Having said that, you do NOT need to "dig in," or press "super hard," as that will inhibit your ability to play fluidly.

    If it gets to a point where it is "tingling" or "numb," then you are pressing way too hard and need to completely stop the exercise. Sometimes, all you need is 5-10 minutes and a good shake-out in order to be able to continue, and sometimes, you'll need to put everything down until the following day.


  • How to start learning modesDateThu Jun 29, 2017 1:24 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: How to start learning modes

    Hi Mark Cesar del Rosario, and WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!

    My name is Adam Steinz, and I am an Administrator here. Thank you for posting your question, and definitely follow Paul's direction in terms of probably the best place to start learning modes.

    Having said that, PLEASE feel free to ask ANY further questions right here in the Forums. We are all here to help you out!!

    Thanks again, and hope to see you soon!!

  • Adam Not Well.DateThu Jun 29, 2017 12:37 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Adam Not Well.

    Hi Guys!!!

    Well,,,I look like a peeled shrimp, but at least I am feeling a LOT better! Never even knew sun poisoning was a thing until the doctor diagnosed me. It's like a mild form of radiation sickness --- Been to the beach (with my beloved old Kay acoustic) at least 20 times this year, yet the ONE DAY I forget to bring sunscreen ---- WOW! I didn't even feel it until HOURS later, when I was sitting in my room, literally COOKING from the inside out!

    Anyway, what a TREAT it was to log back on today and see you kind words! Bill, THANK YOU for checking in and for sharing with my pals, here in the Forum! It took a lot just to type that short response to you the other day, but I really appreciate you reaching out to me like you did!!

    Farelli, I cannot wait to check out, and try to play along with, your videos!! Thanks for the support, my Brother!!

    heyman, I'm staying positive, indeed, my little Bro!

    OK, my Friends --- BACK TO BUSINESS!! --- I WISH YOU ALL LOVE & LIGHT!!!

  • PIMADateThu Jun 08, 2017 3:06 pm
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: PIMA

    Quote: heyman wrote in post #3
    Sorry about the double post Adam
    Oh Dude, it is ALL GOOD! The ONLY thing that is bothering me is that I lost deltadiscos's awesome comment. I did send him a PM and ask him if he would be so kind as to re-post that comment here.

    You just keep dong what you are doing, Little Brother --- You are gonna be JUST FINE!!!

  • Newbie ConfusedDateThu Jun 08, 2017 2:48 pm
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Newbie Confused

    PAUL!!!! Dude, I MISS YOU, BRO!!!

    (sorry,,,OK, back to the thread)

  • PIMADateWed Jun 07, 2017 3:39 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: PIMA

    WOW!!! Dude, that is KILLED IT!! I am literally blown away by what I just watched.

    Quote: Farelli wrote in post #2
    And great job on the Travis picking. Now I'm feeling my suckage.
    Couldn't have said it better myself, Farelli! This kid has SERIOUS skills!!!

  • Newbie ConfusedDateWed Jun 07, 2017 3:32 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Newbie Confused

    Hi guild1978!

    Welcome to the Forum!! Yeah, the vids you receive do not follow the Daily Practice Routine. There are corresponding .PDF's for the DPR. Just click on "Lesson PDF/MP3 Files" and then click on Guitar "Student PDF files..." underneath the Private Student Lesson Download Pages.

    heyman makes a good point: Pebber will expect you to upload a video (doesn't matter if you've been playing for 20 days or 20 years -- Upload a 3-4 Minute video (TOPS, no more that 4 minutes, showcasing 3-4 exercises). Everyone in this Forum is very supportive. I am an administrator here, and a really good friend of Pebber's, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions. The more you ask, the more you learn!

    Hope to see you soon!!

  • Can I get help with a specific song?DateWed May 31, 2017 5:49 am

    Hi keno!

    Sorry for the delay --- Here is your TAB for that SRV Lick...ENJOY!!

    I can send you the actual TuxGuitar/Guitar Pro file, which you can PLAY. I will send you a PM.

    If anyone else wants a "playable" TAB of this, just let me know via PM...THANKS ALL!!!

  • E Maj/Emin Scales & Licks DemoDateWed May 31, 2017 4:34 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: E Maj/Emin Scales & Licks Demo

    I removed those 2 photos from my post, because I realized that if somebody clicks on them, they can go right into my photobucket account and can delete or edit ALL of my photos,,,WITHOUT having to actually sign in to photobucket!!

  • E Maj/Emin Scales & Licks DemoDateTue May 30, 2017 5:35 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: E Maj/Emin Scales & Licks Demo

    Quote: BillyRae wrote in post #9
    Hand is coming along thx Adam...bought another Strat (1989 Blacky, Sensor PU's, Mint) to which I will apply those lessons. Can't play/why not fix. Should be back on strings this week.
    BTY what stain did you put on the SG neck that would match up with the Cherry.
    Hi BillyRae! I'm glad to hear that your hand is improving! Good Stuff!!

    Another Strat, huh? LOVE IT! I've got an '07 American Standard Strat..gorgeous!!

    As far as the SG, I had these particular repairs done by someone other than myself. I can clean, set up, and intonate just about anything, but not a glue job. Since it's the back of the neck, I didn't care about it matching, as I only did it to see if it improves playability. I LOVE the way it feels!

  • New memberDateTue May 30, 2017 5:04 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: New member

    Quote: disruptor wrote in post #8
    LOL about the 10 min vid. I'm sure Pebber had some choice words about that. :)
    Actually, he didn't say a word about it,,,BUT that was just before he started pursuing his Doctorate and his time became even that much more limited. I didn't really get an "appreciation" of the quantity of videos he gets each month, until I started helping him with the overflow.

    I just reviewed some over the weekend that were PERFECT in terms of length-of-video-time AND distribution of exercises. If I had permission to post them here, I would, but that's a no-no. I've repeatedly ask 2 of the students to PLEASE upload here in the Forum, but we'll see.

    Anyway, just go with the flow, and do NOT be all caught up in anything other than doing YOUR thing! I love checking out others' vids, because I will often play/practice along! Remember disruptor, we are all here to help and support each other, so don't be afraid to ask questions and dive right in!

  • Why I play guitarDateTue May 30, 2017 4:39 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Why I play guitar

    Quote: heyman wrote in post #3
    I play in the 7-8th grade jazz band at school. It's pretty much torture. The drummer can't keep time.
    WOW! heyman, stick with that! My BEST former student, Ryan Pieniacha, got involved with his school jazz band at Chicago High School for the Arts,and now studies Jazz Performance at SUNY Purchase in New York City!

    I mean, that kid was running circles around me within 2 years...No Joke! There were many times where he was showing ME stuff that he was learning in his classes. LOL!!!

    Regarding that drummer, that sounds to me like a good opportunity to get together with him on the side, and just work on improving his timing together! Trust me, for some reason, drummers are hard to find! Ever see the movie "Spinal Tap"? Well, there ya go!!!

    Seriously, stick with it, Brother!!

  • Silly Key QuestionDateTue May 30, 2017 4:28 am
    Forum post by Adam. Topic: Silly Key Question

    Quote: pebberbrown wrote in post #4
    Yes most people are lazy in their definitions of music. A is not Ami but millions of guys play the Ami pentatonic scale and say its in the key of "A." Rock band members and self taught rock guitarists mostly all do this.
    Guilty, as charged,,,but that's because I just didn't know any better, or really didn't even care at the time. I could kick myself now, but that was Life "Pre-Pebber." So the sooner you "catch on" to things like knowing the PROPER KEY of a song, the better off you'll be!

    By the way, Hannah Mackrell, WELCOME to the Forum!!! We are more than happy to have you and look forward to your valuable questions and input, as well. Remember, the only "silly," or "dumb" question is the one which is not asked! More often than not, somebody else has that exact same question but is afraid to post it, for fear of ridicule.

    As administrator, I ASSURE you that any ridiculing will not be tolerated. I want you to feel "at home" and very comfortable. We have a PHENOMENAL cast of characters participating at the moment, and we are all here to encourage and support one another.

    THANK YOU for the great question!! You are in the right place, and we'll see you soon, I hope!!!

  • Guitar Instructors, Methods, and WebsitesDateTue May 30, 2017 4:16 am

    Quote: deltadaz wrote in post #8
    I like the Matt Warnock site, is full of usefull info. youtubers i watch. robert baker, guitarlessons365, ben levin, ben eller, creative guitarstudio, music is win, steve terreberry(for the humour)

    We are so spoilt with these days with youtube, I sort of miss struggling with the one chord book, and a old theatre song book, and an amp made from and old tube radio.
    Hi deltadaz, and Welcome to the Forum!! You listed some really good ones there, especially Stevie T --- THAT dude is not only absolutely hilarious, but he can SHRED like nobody's business!!

    ,,,and YES, I long for the days when I used to sit with my copies of Guitar For The Practicing Musician (anyone remember THAT mag? It was way better than Guitar World, back in the day), my Sony Walkman (we're talking mid-80's), my Epiphone V (similar to the Randy Rhoads style), and my Peavey solid state micro amp (SCREEEEEEECHING FEEDBACK FOR DAYS)!!! Oh yeah,,,GOOD TIMES, indeed!!

  • Classic Jazz influences - Joe PassDateSat May 27, 2017 2:35 am

    Hi BillyRae!

    Looks like the hands are feeling better! I really like "As Time Goes By." Such a great, great song. I watched your video twice: Once as is, and again with the actual Joe Pass version behind it. Now, aside for the speed of Joe Pass's single-note runs (which is why he's one of the greats), you play along VERY nicely.

    I was inspired and encouraged. Thank you for sharing!

  • Real Book?? 6th Ed no Match for Lesson VidsDateSat May 27, 2017 2:21 am

    Hi BillyRae!

    The Real Book 6 you want can be purchased at Musicians Friend, if I'm not mistaken. I linked it for you, and you will see both "Footprints" and "Blue Bossa" listed in the songlist (scroll down the page). This is the one Pebber has in his videos, I believe.

    I am checking out your new video now! Thank you, sir!

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