Pebber, You are the Man!! 👊🏻🎸🔥

Hey Pebber! Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much I appreciate you, man. You’re a brilliant teacher, and a really cool, and funny dude! haha. I recently discovered your YouTube channel looking for a tutorial on Reaper rendering, and then I was blown away by your immense library of guitar knowledge, and tutorials! I have to admit I’m one of those “ “sloppy”players that you talk about, but you’re right! haha. I’m so glad you’re online to share your knowledge with everyone. That’s an amazing gift to all of us out here, and I for one, supremely appreciate it. Your free lessons are so inspiring, because of you charity and giving spirit, to give freely to all of us. The hell with all those clowns that bash you, man! They got much deeper anger issues, and it’s got nothing to do with you brother. Don’t let it work you up, or get under your skin, man. Trust me you are LOVED out here by those that are really aspiring to always be improving on our instruments... Haters are gonna hate, but their words are like dust in the wind.
Thank you for being so humble and talented, and eager to pass on your wisdom to the next generation, and your contemporaries. Your channel kicks ass, and you have a natural gift as a teacher, and as a mentor. Just needed to tell you brother!! I don’t want you to get discouraged by naysayers, because as we all know, they can be tough to deal with... and I don’t give a crap how many notes you fudge at 2am!! lol You should see how many I fudge at 2 PM!!! lol 🤣

God bless you Pebber, for your gift to this world. I’m looking forward to digging into more of what you discovered - especially incrementalism. Its been very helpful!

Peace, brother! And keep ROCKIN’!! 😎👊🏻

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