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  • Author: alc0
  • Published: 16.03.2019 12:56
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Ascending/Descending Vertically on E7SUS4 Continues...

After warming up with scalpel and serod on each string for some time...focusing on my nemesis again today...

Alternative picking easiest, up-strokes next favorite, surprisingly all down-strokes the most difficult...

The motion "towards" the angle of the up or downstroke very different than the motion "away." Towards, the pick, wrist, and thumb, move in the same direction. Away, the thumb and wrist reach out and then "pull," (or "climb" is the feel I get from it).

There is also a choice between a "floating wrist," and a wrist that sits on the bridge of a Gibson style bridge. Thus far, I have paid little attention to this variable. Preliminary results suggest that a planted wrist is less vulnerable to error; many errors seem to spring from too much gross motor movement of the arm supporting the wrist and over the "reach" of the wrist and thumb's delivery of the pick. (Reviewing Pebber's example). It appears he uses a floating wrist style for this technique, so it is not unreasonable to also expect this to be a possible method.

Proper holding of the pick also has come under needed scrutiny. Especially with the new picks, I tend to grip too high-up on the index finger, and adjusting for slightly lower makes picking easier.


Making massive progress on this exercise.


All Spider Walking Patterns up to 120 bpm without difficulty or strain!? Boom!

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