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  • Author: alc0
  • Published: 14.03.2019 21:29
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Picks and Progress 3/14/19

Dunlop Tortex .88mm picks arrive today. These not catching on the strings like the Dunlop Nylons, and stay in hand well. Plenty of thickness, considered the lightest of the "heavy" tortex picks. Interested also in Dunlop Tortex FLOW picks, for smooth curves with sharp point, comparable to a Jazz Pick (but larger).

Work done:
A. Spider exercises coming along faster than I thought would be possible in just a few days.
B. Picking becoming easier, very little strain in right hand after long duration (15-20 minutes) of picking.
C. Hand/pick coordination more automatic on various exercises.
D. Still some intermittent difficulty with picking between adjacent strings. The motion of moving the pick from hitting one string to the other while picking not refined.
E. Trills faster without effort, though soreness while working them setting in sooner.
F. Triplet pentatonics on diagonals up neck easy.

Did not work on ascending/descending pentatonics with just picking. I do not like this exercise because it is hard. Therefore it will be the first thing to be focused on tomorrow after warming up with picking.

Still need to add ascending/descending A7sus4 exercise.

Moving between adjacent strings seems to be an area needing focus.

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