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  • Author: alc0
  • Published: 12.03.2019 09:29
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Warming Up Innocence Lost!

Warming up when preparing to sing, or play a wind instrument, has always seemed far more necessary than warming up to play guitar.

Given, previously I did "warm up" to get my fingers going by playing maybe an Eagles solo, or one of the Bach pieces I've memorized, or a few scales or chromatics once or twice, and a few stretchy chords for my left hand...

...but this is ENTIRELY different from actually "warming up!"

Spending time exercising fast scalpel or serod picking, or left hand tremelo, or spider exercises, for even as short a time as 15 minutes...there's a REAL difference in the fluidity and dexterity of movement afterwards...

Sometimes the most important lessons are the simple ones that nobody learns and most people ignore. Knowing the value, and necessity of warming up, every time, to feel that "on" feeling, is no doubt one of them...

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